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2XL Corporation, Inc. is a premium solution provider and manufacturer of the state of the art Cleaning Kits & Dispensing Systems, Multipurpose Cleaners & Degreasers, Waste Receptacles, and Wipers offering hundreds of genuine products under one roof. 2XL has been innovative and inventive right since its inception in the industry and that turns it into the most delivering brand trusted by thousands of Americans. In fact, they use 2XL products day in and day out and are very satisfied about the quality and performance. 2XL understands the versatility of requirements and offers precise solutions to answer every requirement with a clear-cut solution. Selecting 2XL products comes with modest out of pocket costs assuring you the best affordability ever available elsewhere. Additionally, all 2XL products are perfectly biodegradable and trust us, 2XL is indeed a Green manufacturer. In fact, all these products are made in the United States adding one more reason to why you should try them. Each product complies with the highest standards and is very safe for use. The broad array of product availability has a lot more to propose than ever imagined. Selecting 2XL product is always intuitive and rewarding too. Try these products without phenol and with rocking design today.