American Dryer

American Dryer, an initiative by Donald Rahahy has been helping Americans save millions of dollars every year right since its inception in 1952. With the ravishing tradition of over sixty years, American Dryer indeed is good at understanding the customer pulse. Moreover, integration of Cold Plasma Clean Technology ascertains the highest effectiveness. Well cleaner restrooms turn more viable and sustainable when American Dryer products integrate in them. Freedom from the mess of wet tissue is a bonus you can depend on. American Dryer offers ExtremeAir, Advantage, and Global series of hand dryers as well as a plethora of Accessories to meet all demanding essentials of the contemporary washrooms. These hand dryers come with an amazing flexibility of the installation and come with lasting performance. Selecting a precise fit among these hand dryers is easy and intuitive as these dryers certainly are designed with the user needs in mind. Going green is simple and especially rewarding when you use American Dryer hand dryers. It offers excellent savings over to the use of paper towels as well as freedom from the mess too. Explore the goodness of American Dryer hand dryers and enjoy unparalleled benefits. It always comes handy when you need it the most. Changing conventional dynamism of commercial washroom operations is easy with American Dryer.