Armador online sale
Arm-A-Dor is a name associated with the finest security solutions designed to protect lives and property from backdoor break-ins. The Arm-A-Dor protection does not allow opening of door from outside when secured from inside. Many esteemed Corporations like Burger King, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and Circuit City use Arm-A-Dor products for the peace of the mind. The premium combination of locking bar and alarm offers topnotch control of security making it far superior from inside and outside. Arm-A-Dor solutions feature the integration of technology and smart mechanisms to improve security and safety accent to their best. Life safety Compliance of Arm-A-Dor products assure that you are always buying a genuine product. The concept of integrating a panic exit device, locking bar security, and a loss prevention alarm has more to offer than imagined. Arm-A-Dor solutions are must when life security and safety are the topnotch paradigms worth attention. Arm-A-Dor products meet numerous regulatory standards of the authorities and therefore, these products deliver the outstanding performance you seek to protect your interest. In fact, the seamless compatibility of Arm-A-Dor products makes them most preferred solutions in the industry.