BEA sensors sale online
Door handling always becomes a concern if not attended meticulously and BEA offers a mature avenue to deploy systematically automatic door handling mechanism guided by ultra-smart detection system. BEA uses the finest algorithms in the industry to provide a seamless experience. The door handling of commercial building projects is far different from residential projects and BEA offers a subtle product line for the unparalleled experience. BEA integrates numerous technologies to serve you with a genuine solution. Featured technologies like Doppler-Effect Radar for Motion Detection, Active and Passive Infrared for Safety Detection, in addition with Lasers and Video Imaging are integrated to provide fully automatic door handling systems. BEA products and solutions are widely accepted in all sorts of commercial scale operations at Enterprises, Organizations, Industries, and Institutions along with Government Bodies. BEA understands the significance of high quality maintenance-free door handling systems and assures the integration of all the essential factors to provide a seamless experience at every installation environment. BEA provides extended technical support to ensure that with BEA products, you are never alone. The plethora of BEA solutions has Bollard Posts, Exit Switch Accessories, Exit Switch Plates, Maglocks, Piezo Button, Push To Exit Push plates, RF Receivers and Transmitters, Safety Sensors, Time Delays and Security Modules, and Touchless Activation Solutions meet every requirement fully.