Brass Accents

Brass Accents, the Salem, Ohio based manufacturer of the finest decorative hardware offers a 360° swing to conventional application of hardware products in a home. Preserving the old-world tradition with the distinctive craftsmanship is amazing wit Brass Accents. Tons of molten brass turns into exotic pieces of priceless hardware at Brass Accents and these finely crafted products with an artistic touch indeed help you in carrying the attitude in the most right manner. Immense integrity of incepting hot-forged decorative brass and cast-brass hardware offered by Brass Accent indeed fills every gap just the way you deserve. The time-honored craft of making brass hardware continues at Brass Accents of course with the touch of modernization and technology. In fact, there is an artist’s touch in every masterpiece made at Brass Accents. Heart throbbing designs and wondrous finishes make every hardware product a center of the attraction. Thanks to 12 sensual finishes, finding a perfect match for any décor essential is never a concern when you pick Brass Accent for your home. Get your Brass Accent today if you are prepared for a lifetime of elegance and a perfect fashion statement for your home as well as cabinets. In fact, it helps you in defining the true character of your home.