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BURG-WÄCHTER is a legacy manufacturer and a trendsetter for diverse range of safety and security related applications. It offers a deep penetration with its superb product line comprising of Locks and bolts, TSE Electronic door locking systems, Door technology, Measuring techniques, Cash boxes and key boxes, Letter boxes, Safes, and Video security solutions. Innovative ideas and the designing brilliance make BURG-WÄCHTER products the best. With its global presence and seamless patronage in serving millions of customers worldwide, BURG-WÄCHTER is committed to provide the Security required in all types of premises and applications. The superb product line with expansive availability of hundreds of solutions comes with the fine blend of the exquisite performance and highest quality. Therefore, selecting BURG-WÄCHTER products becomes intuitive and rewarding too. BURG-WÄCHTER has a grandiose tradition of over ninety years and it is a family owned business with a philosophy to serve you the best out of the knowledge and experience passed on to generations. The blend of the expertise and the best of the latest technology have a lot more to offer. BURG-WÄCHTER exclusively offers over ten types of safes to assist you in protecting valuables and assets. Try these exclusive solutions and enjoy peace of mind forever. We know you deserve it.