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Calibre Door Closers, Inc. is Orange County, CA based manufacturer and distributor of state of the art Door Closers and Swinging Door Hardware. It has been engaged in delivering ostentatious solutions to improve the fidelity of building project architecture to its best. Calibre is a vision of John and Tony who have been proactive in serving with credible solutions. The broad spectrum of Calibre products comes with dynamic solutions to improve the agility of the door handling to its best. Selecting a Calibre product comes with expertise of over four decades of years and a perfect opportunity to enjoy the highest quality products with instantaneous availability. Calibre always looks forward to providing topnotch door handling solutions with the expressive means to control every vital element. Customer satisfaction in addition to preservation of Value, Quality, and Service make Calibre a right spot to look for Door Closers and Swing Door Hardware. In fact, it is a place full of virtually unlimited choices and options to meet every requirement of a build project. Expansive product line, smart and logical distribution mechanism, and innovative designing make Calibre the best in the industry. Count on Calibre and its products for surefire performance and peace of mind out of it.