Door Scope

door scope
Preserving safety and security is paramount in contemporary architecture and Door Scope provides unparalleled products to assist you in entailing the perfection of it. Door Scope is an optical device designed to allow viewers to look through the door. However, revolutionary patented technology of Door Scope eliminates conventional door peepholes. It offers a clear and sharp image of the visitor even from a distance of 7 ft from the door. The image is clear even in dark ambiences. The latest in the security essentials has a true potential to protect you from intrusions by proving a wide viewing angle of 168°. In fact, innovative design of Door Scope allows clear viewing even without reaching to the door. Door Scope is free from dust or moisture seepage and it comes with an amazingly intuitive installation process. The product is highly suitable for commercial as well as residential premises and provides an unparalleled means to enjoy safety at its best. Door Scope is a patented product and proves its metal by offering exclusive privileges to stay safe from intruders. The innovative idea has a lot more to offer than imagined and all these Door Scope derivatives are 20 minutes fire rated.