Essex Electronics

essex electronics
Essex Electronics, Inc. is Carpinteria, CA based manufacturer and supplier of finest keyless access control systems and safety solutions. Essex primarily offers seamless solutions for residential as well as commercial scale building projects. Versatility of Essex products and solutions offers flawless integration in virtually every type of architectural project. Numerous applications are supported when Essex solutions incorporate in a build project. Essex has a ravishing tradition of over thirty-five years and all these years, it has been providing ostentatiously performing products like Keyless Entry® Control Systems, Heavy Duty Keypads, Programmable Access Switches, and Rugged Card Readers to meet expansive requirements of various industries and individuals. Self-contained and web-based Essex solutions open a new arena of perfection allowing you to enjoy the finest safety accents forever. All these Essex solutions are designed with the due consideration of user environments and simplest integration mechanism. Essex is extremely proactive in providing custom access control solutions and its Hand-E-WaveTM is a proof to it. Essex products are used in a broad spectrum of applications from aircrafts to hospitals and the expansive product collection definitely provides a resourceful interface to pick the best and the peace of mind of course. Enjoy the professional grade access control, sit back, and relax when Essex Electronics serves you the best.