Excel Dryer

Excel Dryer is a brand acclaimed for its premier products designed to serve a broad array of hand and hair drying requirements on commercial as well as residential scales of operations. Hair and hand dryers manufactured by Excel Dryer indeed revolutionize the dynamics of commercial washroom operations and its viability. The East Longmeadow, Massachusetts based manufacturer of the finest washroom solutions indeed offers the freedom from the mess of using paper towels. Amazingly, switching over to Excel Dryer solutions over to using paper towels helps in excelling as far as the performance is concerned and it offers huge savings year after year. You can always count on Excel Dryer hand and hair dryers for speed, energy efficiency, sustainability, savings, and the XLERATOR hand dryer has ranked in GreenSpec® Listing too. Moreover, Excel Dryer takes pride in presenting XLERATOR the only made in the USA hand dryer to support U.S. business and industry. In addition to timeless performance and minimal needs of the maintenance, Excel dryer solutions are highly user friendly. Excel Dryer offers a broad array of customization of cover designs to meet and match individual requirements of personalization. In fact, someone is always there to listen to you with courteous customer service and splendid aftermarket product support.