Formica Sale online
Formica Corporation, a Fletcher Building Company is the world’s largest manufacturer of HPL or High Pressure Laminates. The Formica Group has a global presence with over ten Companies covering major countries worldwide. Formica products are designed to meet a wide array of residential and commercial requirements of solid surfacing. Innovation and integrity of Formica products assure the right fit for every architectural project. In fact, Formica offers a superb product line with a clear distinction of products for Countertops and products for DIY experts. The wide array of surfacing material is the essence of Formica products and offers a breakthrough in the overall appeal of your home, office, or business. Formica’s laminate products and decorative edge moldings are some of the finest products with a capability to change the ambience to a great extent. Formica offers complete solution for every requirement of homeowners. Whether it is a countertop or a whole remodeling, Formica products is always a right fit for every requirement. The global presence and unrivaled expertise lead Formica to offer innovative products making your home or office look gorgeous and adorable too. No one can stop you from imagining when you opt for Formica and its fantabulous products.