Foundations® Children’s Products is Medina, OH based manufacturer of innovative products for the smart young generation of American children. It serves a broad array of requirements of industries like hotels, restaurants, and childcare centers as well as individual customers. In fact, Foundations® products are visible in every public washroom with a positive customer care attitude. It offers premium solutions like public washroom changing stations and accessories to meet numerous requirements when catering to the needs of children is the top priority. Foundations® products are designed for commercial applications with the due consideration of safety, comfort, ease of use, and durability. These products meet Consumer Products Safety Commission norms assuring you the best value for money as well as unparalleled reliability. Foundations® products meet CPSC CFR 1633 Fire Standard as well as voluntary standards published via ASTM. In fact, every washroom gets a complete upgrade of perceiving values when Foundations® childcare solutions integrate in it. Using these amazing products is easy, hygienic and a wonderfully safe experience. Count on Foundations® and it’s amazing product line when you seek uncompromising performance at the highest industry standards of quality. Foundations® indeed is a one-stop shop for commercial facilities that truly care for their customers.