Glynn Johnson

Glynn Johnson, the premier flagship brand of Allegion plc. indeed is specialist of Overhead Door Stops as well as Holders. It offers a broad spectrum of products meeting various requirements of industries like healthcare, education, commercial real estate, government, and electronic access control reliant applications in commercial building projects. Versatility of Glynn Johnson reflects through its products like Accessories, Holders & Stops, and Mechanical Locks. In fact, selecting the right fit is very easy when all these state of the art door hardware solutions are offered under one roof. Flexibility, durability, and suitability for heavy-duty applications make Glynn Johnson products a class apart from all others. Moreover, it comes with the goodness of the ravishing expertise of over seventy-five years. Therefore, understanding the market pulse, trends, and behavior is a part of manufacturing and product designing at Glynn Johnson. Superb blend of innovation, state of the art engineering, dependable R&D, and Corporate Governance Framework at Glynn Johnson has a lot to offer to individual as well as corporate and institutional customers. Above all, Glynn Johnson offers premium aftermarket product support to make every purchase a guarantee of 100% satisfaction. Count on Glynn Johnson when you need to settle for nothing less than the best.