Hafele Folding Bed Solutions

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Hafele Folding Bed Solutions

Hafele, the premier choice of architects, interior designers, and even contractors has a lot more to offer than mere products other offer. Hafele opens a brand new avenue to fill gaps and improve productivity in total. Huge availability of Hafele products assures to provide a suitable channel to improve the usability of premises whilst offering simplicity at its best. Using Hafele products is therefore amazingly easy and intuitive. In fact, Hafele products feature the brilliance of the designing and help you earn the peace of mind you deserve. Hafele is excellence and extreme performance at your service.

Space optimization is a foremost task these days and Hafele presents a superb avenue to use space intuitively. A series of Hafele folding bed solutions and allied accessories is aimed at adding flair of the space optimization. Choosing a Hafele solution from the collection is always promising as it offers a cutting edge advantage of using the finest derivatives of the technology and designing brilliance. Hafele takes the experience of using a high fidelity product to the next level of perfection. Hafele presents bedlift solutions, folding bed mechanisms, in addition to bed fittings, legs, and straps. These Hafele solutions improve lifestyle to its best.

Hafele 271.92.016 Twin Size Bedlift

Hafele 271.92.016 Bedlift Twin Size, Black Frame Silver Feet

Hafele 271.92.016 Twin Size Bedlift is a classic product designed for maximized space optimization. The product comes in three different sizes and it is very suitable for home office, guest bed, and even lofts due to its space saving nature. Hafele uses torsion-free steel frame with concealed gas struts for excellent architectural strength. Folding bedlift accommodates mattresses of 6" to 10" thickness. The wall mounting bed mechanism comes with a smart design and exceptional longevity for assured performance.

Hafele 271.97.301 Hiddenbed Folding Bed Mechanism

Hafele 271.97.301 Hiddenbed Folding Bed Mechanism, Double Black Frame

Hafele 271.97.301 Hiddenbed Folding Bed Mechanism offers a premier combination of a bed and a desk within one architecture. The folding bed mechanism comes with a super-smart design for easier installation and intuitive use. The desk always stays parallel to the floor for safe storage of things on it.  The patented system comes with ergonomic styling and it accommodates a standard twin mattress of 75" X 54" size and up to 12" thickness.

Hafele 271.95.204 Bed Fitting with Screws, No Pistons

Hafele 271.95.204 Bed Fitting with Screws, No Pistons

Hafele 271.95.204 Bed Fitting is a classic solution for the widthwise mounting. The bed fitting uses large handles that can be used as folding legs. Ergonomic styling of the bed fitting is a superb solution for places with space constraint. Hafele offers numerous avenues to install this smart mechanism within cabinets. Hafele offers essential components of the bed fitting for assured simplified fitting. The system is housed in a maximum cabinet size of 2000mm x 1500mm x 420mm.

Hafele 271.95.361 Foldaway Bed Leg

Hafele 271.95.361 Foldaway Bed Leg, Aluminum

Hafele 271.95.361 Foldaway Bed Leg is an angular feet designed to support open bed. The leg has a simple turning mechanism to extend it to 90° and retraced to the stop. Thus, the leg offers exceptional support to the bed mechanism when it is retracted. The leg returns to its closed position when folded down to 90° in a reverse direction when the folding bed mechanism is retracted to its storage position. The leg is made of steel and it is powder coated for extensive longevity.

Hafele 271.87.923 Bed Straps

Hafele 271.87.923 Bed Straps for Width Min 1900Mm

Hafele 271.87.923 Bed Straps is a premier solution designed to add functional perfection to Hafele folding bed mechanism. These belts are available in many configurations assuring you the superb interface. Hafele presents these bed straps in 900mm, 1200mm, and 1400mm configuration in addition to 1900mm width. Using these straps is amazingly easy and it adds a lasting impression of the designing perfection with its functional appeal. Hafele presents lifelong solutions with an excellent user interface.

Hafele presents a seamless avenue to enjoy freedom from mundane products while you enjoy the highest fidelity. These Hafele products help you enjoy classic interface of space optimization. Selecting Hafele for your build project is always enticing and rewarding too. Versatility of these Hafele solutions helps to add flair in terms of the functional and aesthetic excellence.