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K2 hardware products made available by Stanley Security Solutions have immense capacity to transform the basic door handling verticals of build projects like office buildings, motels & hotels. Institutional premises, various residential and commercial projects, and a lot more than imagined. K2 hardware products come with a keen focus on providing state of the art products at an economy price band. In fact, K2 is highly proactive in offering seamless solutions like Economy Surface Mount Door Closer, Locks, and Panic Devices. Extensive coverage of K2 door hardware solutions has an answer for every requirement. All these K2 products maintain consistent look throughout the product line and trust us these looks are stunningly attractive. Superb products and derivatives from K2 come with amazingly simple installation and help you enjoy the finest derivatives of seamless designing. Attractive warranties and aftermarket product support offered by K2 are first class and it makes you a proud owner of a state of the art product. Try K2 door hardware solutions for the guarantee of peace of mind. The experience of using a world-class product is exhilarating especially when it is made available at an unbelievable price. K2 products are a perfect blend of quality, performance, designing excellence, and modest out of pocket costs.