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Kalatel is a division of Interlogix, Inc. and it offers a dynamic platform to enjoy state of the art security at homes and commercial premises. Seamless solutions available at Kalatel are designed for smooth integration in virtually every type of environment and it provides a world-class interface for every user. Kalatel is highly proactive in delivering customer and application oriented solutions and it simplifies the access control to its best. Depending on Kalatel products is amazing as each product from Kalatel comes with precision engineering, unparalleled sophistication, and the superb integration of technology. The broad array of Kalatel products has virtually every solution ever required by the industry. Selecting the right fit among a plethora of products available with Kalatel is easy and intuitive. All you need is some mouse clicks and few minutes. Kalatel understands the complexities of the contemporary architecture especially when state of the art access control with multidimensional possibilities is possible. Kalatel provides a unique experience of perfection of the form and the function with its ostentatiously performing products and allied software. Each product crafted by Kalatel is a representation of classic styling and timeless performance. Count on Kalatel of Interlogix, Inc. for unparalleled solutions you seek.