IEI Digital Keypads

Posted by BS on 6/18/2014 to Articles
IEI, a division of Linear LLC offers a brand new paradigm to make the security topnotch and impressive. The featured collection of the digital keypads has immense potential to keep intruders and annoyance out of your life. The safe and secure world for you and everyone around you is a click away.

Understanding Door Handing

Posted by Alex on 12/2/2013 to Knowledge base
I came across a written material online, which I’m not sure if it was intended to be an article, a blog or a manual. This written material discusses the right-handed or left-handed orientation of doors or the doors “handing” in the industry’s parlance.

Figuring Out the Handing of Shower Seats and How They Should Be Installed

Posted by Alex on 11/25/2013 to Knowledge base
While the installation of an American Specialties shower seat may look intuitive and easy, things can get a bit complicated when it comes to right and left handed shower seat models.
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