LAB lock pins sale online
LAB Security Systems Corporation is a Bristol, Connecticut based manufacturer of the lock tumbler pins and kits to serve an extensive array of lock manufacturers. LAB pins are available for almost every type of lock manufacturer products and they add flair to redefining the security and access control. LAB products are often invisible and unknown to public, but rest assured, these are always there and you use them day in and day out. LAB is a vision of Bob Labbe who incepted the company in 1956 to challenge the traditional pin making methods. The derivatives were outstanding and since then, LAB has been delivering lock pins with immaculate precision of ±0.001mm accuracy. Innovative designing and the provision of complete solutions are key features why LAB is preferred over others. Today, LAB offers Followers, Interchangeable Cores, Picks & Pick Sets, Pins & Kits, Re-Pinning Tools, along with a plethora of Tools & Accessories. Choosing fine LAB products improves the process dynamism, making it larger than the real life.