Liberty Hardware

liberty hardware
Liberty Hardware Manufacturing Corporation is a premier manufacturer and distributor of the finest hardware products since 1942. It operates from Winston-Salem, NC. Today Liberty Hardware is a prominent part of MASCO Companies and continues to deliver outperforming products serving a broad array of industries. Liberty offers a wide spectrum of products featuring Bath Hardware, Bath Safety Solutions, Builders Hardware, Commercial Bath Hardware, Decorative Cabinet Hardware, Decorative Shelving, Functional Cabinet Hardware, Home Hardware, Individual Hooks, Spiral Anchors, and Wall Plates. Liberty Hardware has been proactive in delivering feature-rich products since its inception in 1942. Decorative accents of these hardware products along with the functional capabilities to deliver performance excelling the industry standards and customer expectations make Liberty products a class apart and truly dependable solution. Each Liberty product we offer here is crafted with utmost care to serve optimally. In fact, these products carry a perfect blend of designing perfection, innovative application, highest compatibility, and simple integration. Selecting the right fit among hundreds and thousands of classic Liberty products we offer is amazing and intuitive too as each right fit promises versatility and affordability at its best. Enjoy the versatility of product availability and a lifelong association you can count on with Liberty Hardware and its amazing products. Trust us; you are a click away from the best ever available in the industry.