Major Manufacturing

major mfg
Major Manufacturing, Inc. began its operations in 1976. Earlier it was a part of Major Lock Supply. In 1992, Major Manufacturing separated from Major Lock Supply with a clear agenda of providing state of the art solutions to locksmith professionals which otherwise are not commercially available elsewhere. Restructuring of Major Manufacturing proved to be a milestone for the industry. Today, Major Manufacturing offers Locksmith Tools, Security Products, and Installation Tools to serve the industry professionals with a smart solution. These products peculiarly answer the deficiency of commercial availability of servicing tools, specialty installation equipment, and supplies. Kee-Blok, the signature product of Major Manufacturing created wonders assisting industry professionals to control the entire process. In addition, Major Manufacturing is proactive in providing HIT Series Installation Tools and multi-faceted Hardware solutions. The biggest advantage of using Major Manufacturing products is that it follows the demanding industry traits and provides solutions to meet challenging industry demands. This is truly possible with inventive approach and continuous R&D at Major Manufacturing. A broad spectrum of Major Manufacturing products has potential to serve you the best ever available in the industry. Select genuine Major products for entailing the perfection you and your clients deserve.