Millenium Lock

Millennium Lock from The Ultimate Lock is a wonderful solution for adding the finest layer of safety to doors. Captain Ron Daniels, the founder and the inspiration of Millennium Lock witnessed many invasions and intrusions. Space Alliance Technology Outreach Program funded by NASA played a vital role during the designing lock. The high-security door lock comes in three attractive finishes and finding a perfect match for every décor theme is never a concern. Superb inner working mechanism and extended safety precautions make Millennium Lock the best in the industry. These locks come with easy integration and unparalleled performance offering the perfect blend of quality, safety, and value for money. Some of the identifiers of the Ultimate Lock are innovative designs, timely support, clear communication, and seamless product availability. Therefore, it indeed turns into a dependable resource for front, back, and side doors when safety matters the most. In addition to Millennium Lock, Ultimate Lock presents Flip Guard, the ultimate solution that prevents all picking and bumping attempts. Flip Guard fits on all single-sided deadbolts and does not even needs screws during the installation. Innovative designing and the ultimate quality make Millennium Deadbolts a class apart.