Minuteman Power Technologies

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Minuteman Power Technologies from Para Systems, Inc. began operations in 1982 in Carrollton, Texas. It offers a state of the art product line featuring innovative power protection solutions to meet extensive industry requirements. Minuteman power solutions comprise of Wire & Power Supplies, Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Remote Power Managers, Surge Protectors, Power Distribution Units, and allied accessories along with software support. Minuteman is proactive in providing state of the art solutions to virtually every type of industry. These solutions meet extensive requirements of workstations, computers, telecommunication systems, electronic surveillance systems, security systems, network servers, and a plethora of other power greedy applications. Minuteman products feed the juice required to keep things running smoothly. In addition to the broad spectrum of power supplies and protection solutions, Minuteman offers extensive product support for custom project-specific requirements. Thus, you get the finest products under one roof. Minuteman is highly dynamic in understanding market pulse and customer requirements through continuous interaction along with sharing knowledge with industry professionals. Extended runtime solutions offered by Minuteman become a trustworthy resource when you need to excel in performing beyond the conventional limits. Try Minuteman products and solutions for the peace of mind you deserve.