Nexia, the next-Gen solution provider offers a tantalizing opportunity to control everything at home even from farthest distance. Premium home automation and security system offered by Nexia is a revolutionary concept and it indeed has potential to redefine and rather reinvent security to its paramount essence. Working with Nexia is amazing as it offers immaculate flexibility of integration. You need a smartphone app and Nexia Bridge to overcome all the concerns you have been suffering from. Nexia sends alerts to your smartphone in the event of activity for every parameter you have set with it. Therefore, you know when kids arrived from school and who ate chocolate cake from the refrigerator. Thanks to Nexia and its brilliant designing, remote surveillance as well as security is possible in real-time. Nexia offers products like Lighting, Sensors, Locks, Video, and Thermostats. These products surely are capable of answering every necessity of the ultimate control. Moreover, Nexia works with major industry players like Trane, Schlage, American Standard, Leviton, and GE for adding simplicity and perfect control of essentials just the way you deserve. Connect to your home in Nexia way; it is the smartest interface ever.