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Optex Inc. is a Rancho Dominguez, CA based distribution and marketing facility of Optex Company Limited of Otsu, Japan. It offers extensive coverage in South and North America. The prime product line by Optex features premium access control solutions. Strategic assortment of products based on the technology incorporation, connectivity type, indoor or outdoor application, mode of the installation, zone, and focus on industry specific applications make finding the right fit amazingly simple. Optex offers expansive product line comprising of solutions that meet virtually every requirement of state of the art access control. Guarding lives and assets is remarkably simple when Optex products incorporate in your environment in a hassle-free manner. Optex security solutions are a class apart from others due to its designing brilliance that allows smooth and simple installation without hassles and labor-intensive demands. Optex is proactive in providing completely reliable security solutions with the integration of precision engineering and state of the art technology. Specialty products and solutions like Photobeams and Wireless Outdoor Detectors trigger CCTV cameras in the real time upon the motion detection. Advanced integration of technology in Optex products becomes a trustworthy resource to include fidelity and unparalleled safety to your environment. Make it safe with Optex and enjoy the freedom.