OSI Security

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OSI Security Devices, Inc or OSI Omnilock Devices is Chula Vista, CA. based manufacturer of the finest stand-alone access control systems. It is a division of Stanley Security Solutions after the acquisition of Omnilock Devices. Versatility of wireless and standalone access control systems available at Omnilock is a great resource to protect lives and assets. These exclusive products come with designing brilliance to meet most extensive needs of premium access control. Omnilock solutions are suitable for a broad spectrum of commercial, government, institutional, and educational clientele. The acquisition by Stanley Security Solutions has proved to be a major breakthrough for enhanced product development. OSI has been inventive and innovative right since its inception and the extensive Stanley support makes it perform astoundingly. The state of the art product line at OSI Security has Infrared Communication, Wireless RF Communication, Wireless Access Control, HID Proximity Card Access Control, Magnetic Card Access Control, and PIN Code Authentication. These high-end products are widely suitable to serve unlimited permutations and combinations required at various commercial environments. The mainframe security perfection is possible in the real time when these classic products with a timeless appeal to serve you the best the industry ever has to offer.