Peek-O Home Protector

Peek-O Home Protector from HOME PROTECTOR MFG. CO., INC. indeed is an eye in the door that keeps you safe all the time from unwanted intrusion and annoyance. Selecting a premium, Peek-O Home Protector adds excellent flair to your safety whilst making your door look chic. These optical viewing devices are equally suitable for residential as well as commercial build projects with doors of 1" to 2" thickness. HOME PROTECTOR MFG. CO., INC. has been offering these classic products since over fifty grandiose years. The genuine made in the United States products come in exciting features and finishes and rest assured; finding the right fit in every sense is amazingly easy. The excitement truly begins when you pick a Peek-O Home Protector in finish that fits your class, style, and the décor theme. With one standard and seven special finishes, selection is never a concern. The Peek-O Protector comes with a wide viewing angle of 140° and a revolving facility to enjoy broader view by 40° wide additional coverage. HOME PROTECTOR MFG. CO., INC. uses stamped brass components along with crystal glass lenses for excellent performance forever. Try Peek-O Home Protector for your home for the peace of mind you deserve.