Perfect Products

Perfect Products, the Bixby, OK based manufacturer of unique hardware products indeed offers a change of dynamism while guaranteeing to solve day-to-day problems we face. It all began in 1990, when Jack Smith, a remodeling contractor used his immense creativity to solve problems he and his crew faced day in and day out during various projects. This resulted into fantastic performance, minimal losses, and superb control of tasking. Jack took the concept a step further and designed DoorSaver, the first of its kind intelligent product that rocked the architectural hardware world. Eventually, DoorSaver evolved as needs evolved and there came many variants to respond to vivid needs. Today, Perfect Products offers a wholesome range of innovative products designed to simplify various everyday tasks whilst offering the fullest control of them and products like DoorSaver II, DoorSaver II Commercial, DoorSaver, DoorSaver Commercial, DoorSaver 3 Commercial, DoorHold, The BlueThing (package of 15), The BlueThing2 (package of 10), and The Ultimate Gate Latch truly testimony it. In addition, Perfect Door Stops and Perfect Latches truly revolutionize the way you have been opening and handling the doors. Ultimate innovation at your service by Perfect Products is simply amazing and it indeed is worth trying when you need to settle for nothing less than the best.