Primeline Segal Locks are known to Americans for over a half century of years. The saga of excellence of access control began back in 1912 when a police inspector from NYPD invented a lock to prevent jimmying and doorframe spreading. The lock offered excellent access control and avoided forcible entries. Samuel Segal, the NYPD officer gave a brand new product and vision to locksmith industry and in fact, Locksmith Ledger of May 1955 featured Samuel’s accomplishments. Prime-Line continues to serve these state of the art locks to reinvent the true means of perfect access control and prevention of forcible entries. With the technology, precision engineering, and innovative designing; Prime-Line today has achieved the milestone of performance perfection and indeed is a preferred brand for thousands of homeowners, architects, and locksmith professionals. Today, Prime-Line operates from its state of the art facilities at Ontario and Redlands of California featuring over 460,000 square feet coverage. Prime-Line indeed is committed to provide the ultimate access control solution along with over 18,000 repair parts under one roof to meet virtually every need of locksmith professionals. Count on Prime-Line, North America’s largest manufacturer and supplier of replacement hardware for Tools and Accessories, Coat Hooks, Corner Shields, Door Locks, RV and Mobile Home Hardware, Wall Protector Sliding Closet and Mirror Door Hardware, and Track Repair Caps.