ROFU Access Control Solutions

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ROFU Access Control Solutions

ROFU International Corporation is a premier manufacturer of state of the art access control systems. The superb ROFU product line has solutions like electric strikes and accessories, magnetic locks and accessories, mushroom buttons, exit and key switches, power sources, a micro switch bar, hold open magnets, and a plethora of miscellaneous products. ROFU products are designed to excellence meeting all the customer expectations beyond the imagination. Versatility and universal compatibility or ROFU products make them most preferred over all others. The transformation began before over thirty-five years at the inception of ROFU in the industry.

ROFU presents a superb collection of access control solutions featuring various application oriented switches. All these switches are designed for exceptional performance of years together. These push buttons are available in maintained and momentary functions. ROFU offers these switches with superb integration of the technology, scalable compatibility, and easy installation assuring a highly productive user interface. Selecting a switch from this collection is amazingly sensational. ROFU offers a broad spectrum of variety assuring to provide multiple choices. These simple to use switches come with exceptional designing and help you to achieve performance beyond the expectation. ROFU is one-stop shop for all the access control requirements.

ROFU 9961 Pushbutton Maintained Double SPST
Rofu 9961 Pushbutton Maintained Double SPST
ROFU 9961
ROFU 9961 Pushbutton comes with a superb usability. The switch comes in extruded aluminum alloy cover of 1/4" thickness. This architecture provides tamper-resistance and excellent longevity. ROFU supplies the switch with snake-eyed screws and wrench to simplify the installation greatly. The switch is available with maintained double SPDT configuration. Intuitive designing of these switches offer superior installation flexibility. The switch comes with several options for customization to meet various project and application specific custom requirements.

ROFU 9970 Switch Only – Momentary
Rofu 9961 Pushbutton Maintained Double SPST
ROFU 9970
ROFU 9970 Switch is a thoughtfully designed product. The switch has a 1/4" thick cover plate made of extruded aluminum. This plate protects the switch from tampering attempts and similar attacks. ROFU offers the switch with momentary function to make it suitable for a versatile compatibility. The switch comes with a unique switch-bracket design for universal acceptance of straight or clover cams. Pinch-on wiring connectors of the switch eliminate the need for soldering and simplify installation greatly.

ROFU 9971 Switch Only – Maintained
Rofu 9961 Pushbutton Maintained Double SPST
ROFU 9971
ROFU 9971 Switch is a superb product designed to perform seamlessly in virtually every type of user environment. Thoughtful design of the switch offers a permanent solution for seamless access control this superiorly responsive switch is available with maintained function and meets all the essentials of quality and performance. ROFU provides excellent installation interface ensuring tamper resistance and safety beyond the imagination. The switch comes with exquisite wiring connection mechanism for complete freedom from mundane practices.

ROFU International Corporation provides excellent product line to meet a versatile requirement of build projects for superior and dependable access control. Products offered by ROFU are designed in line with customer requirements and they offer a novel interface with its smooth integration and outstanding performance.