Oscar C. Rixson was a Finnish architect and visionary. He selected Chicago, Illinois to begin a manufacturing company and although it was a humble start of manufacturing surface door closers and window hardware, soon it became the immense part of the building industry boom. It was there in 1900 then and Rixson continues the tradition of providing the ultimate door opening solutions. Today it is a prominent Company from the Ass Abloy Group, the global leaders in providing premium door opening solutions. Rixson truly understands the broad spectrum of customer requirements and provides premium products and solutions like Accessories, Automatic Openers, Cement Cases, Closers, Electromagnetic Door Holders, Pivots, Stops & Holders, and Floor Plates to preserve a class apart from all others. Moreover, Rixson is very pragmatic in providing technical support and custom solutions to satisfy every need and want of customers from virtually all industries. Using Rixson products is an amazing experience and it indeed provides a guarantee of 100% satisfaction. With the grandiose tradition of over a century of years, Rixson truly understands the market pulse and it reflects from the product presentation and aftermarket product support. Use Rixson and its fullest resources to create your dream project every time, you will not disappoint with Rixson and its performance.