STI or Safety Technology International, Inc. is a premier manufacturer of state of the art safety solutions to fight back the biggest concern of security. STI products are designed to meet various end-user needs for variable environments and demanding applications. Visionary Jack Taylor, the founder of STI began the operations before around thirty-five years and it indeed has created a milestone of perfection of the form and function. Preventing false fire alarms as well as thefts is easy when STI solutions guard you 24X7. In fact, STI products are highly resourceful in saving money as well as preserving safety. Easy to integrate STI solutions like Keys, Stopper Covers and Protectors, Push Button Stations, and Stopper Station Parts come handy in answering a broad array of needs of various industries and commercial build projects. Relying on STI is a pleasing interface, as you know you are always safe. In fact, STI products and solutions work the wonders when safety is paramount for you. STI takes pride in presenting Wire Guard Protectors, Stopper Covers and Enclosures, Fire Alarms Protection Devices, and Security Protection Products under one roof and offers the ultimate control of security in a snap. Bid adieu to vandalism, false alarms, and vulnerability with STI and its fantastic products.