Stanley Commercial Hardware, a prominent division of Stanley Security Solutions began its operations in the year 2013 and soon it entailed the benchmarks of perfection of making outstanding hardware solutions. In fact, it understands the market pulse and reciprocates by providing state of the art door opening solutions for a broad array of industries like retail, multi-family housing, banks, assisted living facilities, and virtually all types of commercial buildings. In fact, Stanley indeed is one stop shop for meeting all needs for commercial door hardware under one roof. The best advantage of integrating Stanley in any commercial project is its medium pricing point value without a slight compromise of performance or quality. In fact, it is the biggest identifier of Stanley products and indeed is a value addition to count on. Stanley products like Locksets, Auxiliary Dead Bolts, Door Closers, and Exit Devices are offered with multiple configurations of capacity and grades as well as mounting options. These configurations make Stanley hardware solutions a class apart and truly reliable addition to a build project. Simplifying door opening and entailing the ultimate control of it is amazing when Stanley products work 24X7 for you. Get your Stanley today for the picturesque completion and the peace of mind you deserve.