Starlite Security Devices

Starlite Security Devices, LLC, is Griffin, Georgia based manufacturer providing intelligent systems to safeguard Air Conditioners. Immense needs of protecting ACs in today’s sensitive environments are fully catered with Starlite solutions. The Whip®, a pure made in the USA product offers state of the art security for ACs. The real time monitoring of the AC and triggering the alarm or siren through the native security system becomes highly resourceful in preventing AC copper thefts and at times, it indeed helps to catch the thief too. Patented products from Starlite Security Devices come with the integration of latest technology. These products continuously monitor the pressure in AC Copper tubing and report the sudden pressure drop due to tampering. Simple yet intuitive defense mechanism offered by Starlite Security Devices has turned out to be a trusted resource and a true companion in protecting your Air Conditioners. Starlite also is proactive in providing a plethora of accessories to assist you with superior management of safeguarding assets. Being the first and the most preferred choice of virtually every security company in the United States, Starlite Whip has proven to offer better protection even than the wired cage around the AC. Try this amazing product for peace of mind you deserve.