Summit Access Control is the leader in providing state of the art security solutions. Products and solutions offered by Summit are customer-centric and truly offer the edge-over control just the way customers deserve. In fact, these access control products are resourceful for numerous installation and security professionals who deliver their best shot for securing commercial premises day in and day out. Summit Access Control offers exclusive solutions like Keypads, telephone entry, Fire Access Stations, intercoms, Trickle Chargers, card readers, keypads, Timers, Photo Eyes, Mag Locks, Request To Exit, and multi-unit PC-based systems. Today Summit Access Control is a Security Brands, Inc Company and operates from Englewood, CO. Summit understands and broad spectrum of customer requirements and it offers wonderful product line featuring interior as well as exterior use products and access control solutions. Summit products are easily available and the magnitude certainly is capable to serve every customer with a vibrant solution. Finding the right fit for virtually every need of access control on commercial scales is amazing with Summit. In addition, Summit Access Control is highly proactive in providing excellent aftermarket product support, customer service, and state of the art technical support.