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Toto USA, makes living better by making it serene, pristine, and cleaner. The true focus on people makes Toto innovative and the best in the manufacture. With a grandiose tradition of around a hundred years, Toto has acclaimed the fame as one of the biggest producer and the provider of the finest plumbing products ever invented. The innovation and the journey to perfection began with the vision of Kazuchiku Okura, the founder of Toto. The people-centric designing and the people-first innovation make Toto products a saga of perfection for you. The practical implementation of the healthy and pristine living comes naturally with Toto in your bathroom. Elegance and elite appeal of Toto products make them far superior and a value addition in every sense. The concept of Whole Bathroom has a lot more to deliver than envisaged. Toto cares for the environment and it reflects purely from each product they design. Enjoying the real luxuries of a majestic lifestyle is amazing with Toto and its finest products. Toto is unveiling the best the class has to offer to satisfy every vital element forever.