Trans-Atlantic Co. is a name you can count on for the seamless supply of door closers, hinges, panic exit devices, and door hardware. In fact, Trans-Atlantic offers an exclusive collection of commercial and industrial door hardware under one roof. Extensive product line offered by Trans-Atlantic has Deadbolts, Door Accessories, Door Closers, Exit Alarms, Panics Devices, Touch Bar Exit Devices, Storefront Solutions, Door Hinges, Door Locks, General Hardware, and Grab Bars. The Philadelphia, PA based manufacturer of door hardware has potential to add fidelity to build projects making them more user-friendly, dependable, and the best the industry ever has to offer. Exquisite designing, classic finishes, and the immaculate décor appeal of these products make them truly a precise fit even at highly demanding contemporary architectures. Integrating Trans-Atlantic products in a build project elevates its scale to the best. The broad spectrum of products available here comes with essential features for extensive longevity. The entire product line is proposed at highly affordable price range and it relieves you from undue costs of project completion. Trans-Atlantic offers a wide range of door hardware with Grade 1 to Grade 3 classifications and that itself is a proof of its premium quality and reliability.