V.K. Industries

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V.K. Industries, Inc. is a Hialeah, Florida based manufacturer of the premier stamping and tooling derivatives. Stamping services offered by V.K. Industries are highly apt to serve a large array of window, shutter, and screen industries. Earlier it operated as V.K. Tool & Die, a brand known to thousands of Americans for quality stamping solutions at an affordable price. In fact, V. K. Industries has a profound focus to reduce your cost of manufacturing by providing competent range of stamping products under one roof at an unbelievably low price than otherwise. V. K. Industries’ products are highly suitable for Shutter, Window, Screen, Jalousie, and various manufacturing industries who integrate stamped hardware parts in their products. V. K. Industries offers Compound Stamping, Coining Die, Embossing Die, Trimming Die, Steaking Die, Deep Drawn Stamping, Heat Treating, Shuttle Stamping, Progressive Tooling, In-die Assembly and Tapping, Prototype Stamping, Transfer Press Stamping. A plethora of products available here, comes with the finest designing and precision engineering for optimal delivery of performance. V. K. Industries truly preserves the values and quality for excelling in meeting every customer demand. Try these outstanding products and stamping solutions and enjoy the wonders of cost efficiency without a slight compromise of quality and performance.