Wedge-It from Open Door Industries is a smart, temporary, and portable doorstop designed to add flair to door handling during emergencies and everyday door opening. The Wedge-It hold opens the door at 90° ascertaining easy move in and move out. This smart product is typically very suitable during attending emergencies as well as general everyday use when you need your automatically closing door to stay open for a while. Wedge-It is made from Polycarbonate plastic and it has unmatched strength. This attractive product comes with three styles of deployment offering maximum convenience and ease. It is compact and can be carried in a pocket or attached to a lanyard using hole provided in it. Open Door Industries offers this excellent product in many attractive colors and picking the one that suits your styling is amazingly intuitive. This handy tool is appropriate for all those who want the door open for a period. Some of the most common applications are common household, fire department, police and paramilitary professionals, Bomb Squads, and Janitorial Professionals. The Encino, CA based manufacturer of Wedge-It has been in the industry since a long time and it is acclaimed for its product designing and excellent performance beyond the imagination. Try Wedge-It and grab the optimal control you seek.