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Weiser is a name that associates unparalleled security solutions with you. With the expertise of over a century of years, Weiser is committed to provide first class solutions to a broad array of residential and commercial building projects. It offers premier solutions like Trims, Levers, Latches, Knobs, Keys, Deadbolts, Accessories and a lot more than ever envisaged. Weiser is also proactive in providing keyless entry systems taking your access control to the next layer of the perfection. Sophistication and precision engineering make Weiser products a class apart from all others. Versatility of using door hardware with high fashion accent adds a lasting impression of perfection and picking Weiser products makes it possible in the real time. In fact, today, Weiser is one-stop shop for smart products with brilliant designs. The world of Weiser products available here opens unlimited opportunities to enjoy the fidelity you have always longed for. Versatility of solutions and abundant choice of features make product selection intuitive and interesting. You can always trust Weiser when you seek a perfect blend of quality and value. Select Weiser products and solutions for a smooth integration and unparalleled advantages like never earlier.