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World Dryer is an Illinois based manufacturer of state of the art hand dryers and allied products. World Dryer is ISO 9002 certified manufacturer and assures the delivery of fine products. It handles product line featuring hair dryers, hand dryers, and baby changing stations. World Dryer products are not simply a solution for drying wet hands. In fact, these dryers offer a large volume of savings year per year over the alternate cost of using paper towels to serve the same purpose. World Dryer products are Green, Durable, Cost effective, Hygienic, and Reliable. Choosing a right fit for your facility from the wide array of World Dryer solutions is easy as it offers scalable solutions for maximum sustainability. World Dryer even offers a smart calculator to compute the savings you can achieve when you shift your focus to a World Dryer product. World Dryer offers a competent product line to meet various requirements to improve the dependability of a washroom facility making it more customer satisfaction oriented. World Dryer products are your real companion when customer service matter the most to you.