ADA EZ US is a prominent manufacturer of Automatic Door Operators and a plethora of allied accessories. The strong product line by ADAEZ features the premium essence of designing perfection and a classic user interface. Products and solutions supplied by ADAEZ are compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act and offer a resourceful platform to meet all the accessibility essentials at commercial as well as institutional environments. Thoughtful and feature rich design of these products ensures that you get the most exciting solutions under one roof. These ADAEZ products meet ANSI A156.19 code requirements. What this means to you is pure performance and complete satisfaction when these genuine ADAEZ products incorporate in your environment. Selecting the finest attributes of functional perfection is very easy; all you need is to pick the right ADAEZ product for your building project. These low energy operators are highly compatible with a broad array of user environments and their integration is easier than ever imagined. The perfect blending of automatic as well as manual operations in these door operators offers seamless functional control and a wider choice of usage application. The fine prints of the products with unstoppable performance and the perfect value for money make ADAEZ low energy door operators the best to count on.