AJM Packaging

AJM Packaging Corporation is a veteran manufacturer of branded paper products and packaging solutions. It operates from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. The wonderful journey of this family owned second-generation business began as a humble distributor of paper products at Detroit. Since its inception in mid 50s, AJM Packaging has been on a ravishing track to deliver outstanding products and solutions and acquire acclaimed #1 position in the industry. AJM products like lunch bags and paper plates are brand leaders on a nationwide scale. AJM today has seven strategically located manufacturing facilities to provide first class products at expedited speed of availability. Selecting AJM products is always a value addition as you get a broad scope for selection among hundreds of varieties of paper bags, bowls, and plates. Premier products and solutions offered by AJM Packaging are accepted universally at virtually every location like retailers, wholesalers, and every point related to hospitality and customer service. Selecting AJM Packaging products is always intuitive and it truly supports the business growth in every respect by providing a pristine channel to serve your patrons with the best ever available in the industry. Try AJM Packaging products and solutions in addition to private label paper products for the precision and perfection at your service.