American Security Equipment

American Security Equipment Company or AMSECO is a Carson, CA based manufacturer of classic access control systems and solutions. It is now a part of Potter Electric Signal Company, LLC upon its acquisition. AMSECO offers a complete upgrade of the security architecture with its presentations of the finest solutions under one roof. Selecting these products is always amazing as it renders the finest accents of the best deliverables. AMSECO provides a broad spectrum of products and solutions like Vault Security Systems, Security Scanners, Home Burglar Alarms, Wireless Alarms, Video Surveillance, Electronic Article Surveillance, Access Control, Health Monitoring, Radio Frequency Identification, and Security Detectors. All these products offer a paradigm shift ensuring to provide a safe environment for everyone around you. In addition to diverse access control solutions, AMSECO is highly proactive in providing superb accessories to compliment the security architecture whilst providing unparalleled resource to enjoy smooth integration. Versatility of use, simpler integration, minimal learning curve, and designing perfection make AMSECO security and access control products the best. In fact, each AMSECO product indeed is a representation of the best deliverables of the fine engineering at your service. Try these outstanding products for the peace of mind you deserve and we promise we will not let you down.