American Security Products

American Security Products Co. is a name acclaimed for its superb patronage in providing state of the art Security Safes and many allied security solutions. With a gorgeous tradition of over sixty grand years, AMSEC is committed to providing first class asset management solutions during emergencies. The story began with a vision of Glenn Hall in 1940 with a small workshop and a burning desire of engineering the finest safes ever made. Today, the same passion flows throughout AMSEC and continues to deliver outstanding products and solutions like Burglary & Fire Composites, Gun Safes, Safe Locks & Parts, and Safes. The broad spectrum of product availability is perpetually backed by excellent responsiveness, finest quality of deliverables, and absolute integrity with the customer requirements. AMSEC is highly active in consultancy providing unrivaled solutions for industry and application specific use. The world of AMSEC has various application-oriented asset management solutions. Today AMSEC delivers the best safes and allied products in the world with their computerized manufacturing, a smart distribution mechanism, vigilant quality control department, and courteous service support. It is also a highly customer oriented organization and AMSEC proves it with its energetic contribution in trade shows for seamless interaction with clients and trade professionals.