ASSA Inc. has a gorgeous tradition of over a hundred and thirty years. Pioneered by August Stenman in Sweden, ASSA has its footprints on major countries across the globe providing state of the art security solutions. In fact, ASSA believes in creating and offering unparalleled solutions to bring true peace of mind out of complete safety. Selecting exact fit among astonishing solutions is enticing and rewarding too. ASSA presents Cam and Drawer Locks, Key Blanks & Accessories, Locks, Locksmith Equipment, Miscellaneous Tools and Solutions, Padlocks, Side Bars in addition to Tumblers & Wafers. The versatile product range features exquisite engineering to satisfy various paradigms of the security and access control. ASSA is highly proactive in providing flawless solutions to meet a broad array of requirements from Government, Education, Healthcare, and Transportation industries. In fact, ASSA opens a brand new avenue to serve a broad array of architectural hardware requirements. Today, ASSA forms part of ASSA Abloy Group, the global leaders in door opening solutions and continues to deliver products and solutions with ostentatious performance. Selecting ASSA products is always exciting as it comes with the finest engineering, excellent technology, and the classic representation of the peace of mind you deserve.