Atlas Paper Mills

Atlas Paper Mills is a unique manufacturer of high quality tissue paper with a strong essence of preservation of values and the Green approach. It recycles over 50,000 tons of printer and office waste and manufactures state of the art paper products in its two factories. It operates from Miami, Florida and it truly is a “Born Green” manufacturer. Unlike others, right since 1980s, it is proactive in recycling paper and offer premium solutions. Atlas products today are absolutely free from chlorine and contain over 20% post consumer contents. Selecting from a broad spectrum of Atlas products featuring Facial Tissues, Hand Towels & Dispensers, and Toilet Tissue & Dispensers is always amazing as simply by picking any Atlas products you contribute in eco-preservation. Moreover, Atlas products are strongly recommended and preferred in value retail markets and away-from-home industries. Additionally, Atlas Paper Mills is also highly proactive in various sensual social activities. The world of Atlas Paper Mills and its outstanding products has a lot more to offer than ever expected and truly. Atlas is committed to provide unique products that excel in meeting industry standards of quality and performance as well as customer expectations. We welcome you to join us and be a part of the paradigm shift with us. All of us need it for a greener tomorrow.