Security Systems: A Must-Have For Homes, Businesses and Other Facilities

Posted by Alex on 12/18/2013
Crime rates are steadily rising everywhere that security systems, whether for individual houses or large facilities, have become a necessity rather than an option.

The Convenience Of Interchangeable Cores

Posted by Alex on 12/18/2013
Frank Best was generally recognized as one of the major innovators of locking systems and he is likewise credited as being the creator of the blueprint for interchangeable cores.

Three Simple Ways To Check If Your Weatherstripping Needs Maintenance

Posted by Alex on 12/11/2013
The sales of weatherstripping supplies tend to peak towards the end o the fall season and well-into the winter season. While most weatherstripping materials may be durable, they still require at least a yearly maintenance check, preferably a few months before the cold weather sets in. Some who forget this simple maintenance schedule tend to get reminded only of it once the utility bills, particularly the heating bill, gives them a not-so-subtle hint that their houses or facilities may not be that efficient in keeping the heat in.

Understanding Door Handing

Posted by Alex on 12/2/2013 to Knowledge base
I came across a written material online, which I’m not sure if it was intended to be an article, a blog or a manual. This written material discusses the right-handed or left-handed orientation of doors or the doors “handing” in the industry’s parlance.
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