Disaster Prevention

Innovation, designing excellence, and precision engineering at Flood Flaps, the South Carolina based manufacturer of the finest flood vents is truly a great source to overcome various seasonal problems. Products and solutions offered by Flood Flaps are complaint with stringent FEMA requirements and offer excellent protection from flood, air leakages, and insect infiltrations. This all in one solution is available in various sizes and shapes. Therefore, finding a right fit for your requirements is easier than imagined. In fact, these smart solutions are the first choice for new build projects as well as retrofit jobs due to simple installation method and completely corrosion resistant material. Flood Flaps offers a broad array of flood vents and fire damper kits. In addition, installation of Flood Flaps products is considered for reduction in insurance premium. These highly energy efficient flood vents do not require preventive maintenance like other stainless steel flood vents. Flood Flaps offers a broad array of allied features like interior trim accessories, options for customization, availability of multiple colors, clean line of installation, and excellent durability. Count on Flood Flaps and its amazing flood vents if you are relying on static flood vents or traditional air vents. Well, Flood Flaps has promising solutions for every requirement of protection no matter if you are looking for a lasting solution for garage walls with limited horizontal space. Flood Flaps has answers for you.