Mending Plates

Mending Plates play a vital role in Architectural Hardware due to their immense capability in simplifying various installation tasks. At Builders Sale, we offer a broad array of mending plates to meet numerous requirements of special installations. These metallic plates come with superb strength to provide structural strength. Moreover, these plates come with pre-drilled mounting terminals to simplify integration. These mounting terminals are countersunk for providing a smooth look upon the installation. We understand the spectrum of requirements and provide these plates in numerous sizes and shapes. Therefore, rest assured; you are in the right spot to grab the hottest and the trendiest Mending Plates under one roof. In fact, we take pride in serving the right solution and not that the products we offer on sale. These steel plates are zinc plated for enhanced rustproof performance. Entailing the perfect functional control is possible only when you use the right architectural hardware products and we at Builders Sale definitely strive hard to meet your requirements to the fullest. Explore the world of architectural hardware with us and we promise we will never let you down. Builders Sale indeed is your one stop shop for everything best the industry has to offer.