Overhead Stops & Holders

Mounting Overhead Stops & Holders on commercial doors is an immense essentiality from safety point of view. These door hardware elements are a must especially when a door closer is installed on the door. Featured collection of the Overhead Stops & Holders has many premium solutions by the industry leaders who are good at providing state of the art door opening solutions. These products are good at preventing hardware abuse. What it means for you is freedom from frequent maintenance and repair expenses. Therefore, get set to redefine the accents of door opening especially in commercial projects with heavy traffic and abusive use with these Overhead Stops & Holders. Integrating them keeps other door elements like hinges, frames, and closers away from troubles. Pick your pick from hundreds of premium solutions like Concealed and Surface Mounting Overhead Stops & Holders under one roof where product procurement is swift and amazingly interesting. Moreover, this collection has solutions for every pocket size and application. Therefore, rest assured; you always are a click away from the most sophisticated collection essential door hardware. Earn your peace of mind today by integrating the Overhead Stops & Holders in your commercial or institutional building project. It makes a huge sense and a serious concern otherwise.